25,000 at Palin Rally in Richmond… And I was there!

14 10 2008

According to the McCain camp, about 25,000 strong showed up to support Gov. Sarah Palin at a rally at Richmond International Raceway.

Wow!  Who’s outdrawing Obama now?  That’s right.  It’s Sarahcuda.  Does the MSM talk about this?  Ever?  No.

My buddy Leigh McPalin and I got up at the crack o’ dawn to be the first in line.  And we were.

the gates were locked when we got there at 630

But it was okay because we were still happy to be there

So, we waited in line there for about 2 hours when they opened the gates.  It’s funny because all these media vehicles lined up behind us wanting to get in.  One of those media outlets was the Commie News Network mobile:

So when we got in, we sat in line, played a couple rounds of war and blackjack as we waited.  The line kept growing and growing and growing as time passed:

We also goofed off to keep us sane as we waited and waited and waited.:

And this lady was totally trying to look like Sarah Palin… :

Yeah…. good try…. not even close, lady.  She also kept starting chants up in the stands.  It was hilarious.

And there were these home schooled kids in front of us in line.  There mom was an interesting woman to say the least…  God Bless the homeschoolers:

So, finally after buying a a few McCain/ Palin pins and shirts,  we made our way into the rally area.  I RAN my butt off to make sure we were indeed in the front row.  And we were… :

There we were, just waiting around to get the show going.  It was another 2 hours before the program started.  It was getting hot outside, not to mention, there were so many people huddled around us:

So me and Leigh started sweating off any makeup we had left after applying it about 8 hours earlier:

Then the show started!  Terry Kilgore from VA… think he’s the vice chair of the GOP in VA and running for congress… he spoke first and introduced the presentation of the colors:

Then he introduced Jim Gilmore, former VA Gov, and currently running for senate…

Gilmore kept inserting his name after McCain and Palin in this simple slogan…”McCain, Palin, Gilmore!”  Over and over and over… Ha! It was cute.  Got old fast though. 🙂

In the meantime, this campaign staffer of McCain’s (whom we had met earlier at the gates before it opened, and whom we both thought was quite attractive), kept telling the crown in the middle in front of the stage to keep their signs low so they won’t block the camera shots:

Then…the moment we’d been waiting for…  Is that the McCain Straight Talk Express Bus that just pulled in I see behind the American flag?  Yes!  Woo!  That’s when Leigh and I really started to freak out.  Heart rate jumps.  Then, coming onto the stage with her husband Todd to the song “She’s More Than Just A Pretty Face” by Shania Twain, Sarahcuda emerges:

Sarah gave a brief “thanks for lettin’ me be here, VA” comments before she introduced the one and only Hank Williams Jr. to sing the National Anthem!  (I’m not including video/audio because he was a bit off key, but it was good still! :-))

Sarah and Todd cross their hearts during our national anthem because unlike some politicians and their spouses, they are always proud to be an American, no matter what.

Then Williams sang his own song about a McCain Palin tradition. It was catchy and hilarious! He really slammed Obama!  If I find the lyrics, I’ll let ya know.  At one point he sang about how Sarah has brains and is a catch – Sarah and Todd loved every moment:

Sarah then gave her awesome rally speech!  She had a big portion dedicated to abortion and how man’s standards of life are not God’s, which really are the final measure.  Got HUGE applause and cheers for that one!  She did a fabulous job, as usual.  At one point there were some protesters.  I’m not sure where they were, but they must have been pretty far off because we could barely hear them at least in the front row.  Sarah, since she was elevated above the crowd, spotted them instantly and said they should be thankful that our troops overseas are giving them that right to protest.  She brought up the topic of drilling for oil which began the “drill, baby, drill” chant among the crowd.  She said that Obama’s just “drillin’ for votes.”  It was awesome.  Sarahcuda – unleashed.  🙂  Love her!

UPDATE:  Just found this pic! It’s another AP photo!  Me and Leigh are in it~ Can you spot us?

After her speech, she came down to where the press had been taking photos and video, sometimes RIGHT in front of our faces as evidenced here:

Nevertheless, it was just so much fun, and it was truly a privilege to have Gov. Sarah Palin sign my issue of TIME Magazine with her face on the cover.  She made her way around the crowd signing everything that came her way as her posse of secret service and aides huddled around the governor and her husband.

Here’s video from my BlackBerry of Sarah in the autograph line.  Yes, I really was that close. HAHA!

Again, here’s the AP news photo of Sarah signing my magazine.  Amazing, huh?  It’s a story for the grandkids for sure. Yes, that really is my head behind the magazine!

Todd was awesome too!  He gladly signed Leigh’s t-shirt!

Hank Williams Jr. also signed stuff!

All in all, it was an awesome day!  Sarah Palin is truly and amazing woman who is every bit as real as she seems.  She really is the complete package!  She loves God, her family, and her country with all her heart.  She genuinely wants to bring change to America, and she won’t do it just for political gain or votes either.  She truly embodies the American spirit and can relate to all Americans.  Thank you, John McCain for introducing Gov. Sarah Palin to America!  We love her!




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