McCain wins debate; Joe the plumber is my hero!

16 10 2008

John McCain was so strong last night. Barack Obama seemed listless and, was it just me, or did anyone notice the Messiah’s right eye was lazy? Whenever he looked at the camera, it seemed like his right eye was sleepy! Hmm… Energy wearing thin, Barack? Good! Keep thinking you’ve got this one in the bag. McCain and Palin will fight until the fat lady sings, and they will not go down without a fight, as John McCain proved last night. Finally!

This just in: Joe the plumber is my hero! And he really should be America’s hero too.

No one knew who Joe Wurzelbacher was until Sunday when he spoke with Barack Obama in Ohio as Obama pandered for votes. Joe was skeptical about eventually purchasing a business because that meant he’d be taxed more. Obama replied with something to the effect of “well, we want those behind you to do well too! We have to spread the wealth!” What? Oh my gosh. If this isn’t socialism in your face I don’t know what is! Here’s the clip of the original conversation:

McCain’s reference to Joe during the debate last night:

Joe gets it, America! And you should too! We cannot allow ourselves to slide down the slippery slope of socialism! Like Joe said when interviewed with Diane Sawyer on GMA this morning:




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