Laura, Rush, and Sean May Be Off The Air Soon…

20 10 2008

… that is if Obama wins. The New York Post today reports on this.

With a democrat controlled congress and Presidency, what’s going to stop the reinstatement of the “fairness” doctrine. Fairness in this case really means silence the right in the one form of media they dominate – talk radio. I could maybe take a “fair” approach with equal time for both sides, but, wait… oh yeah, LIBERAL TALK RADIO HAS FAILED TIME AND AGAIN. Just look at Air America! It sucks! No one wants to listen to their babble! It’s even worse for the economy too if Rush and his counterparts are taken off the air. With millions of listeners across America, companies that run ads during Rush and the other’s programs will not sell nearly as much as they do now. The radio stations that carry these shows will make less money too with fewer ads to pay the bills. Who wants to put ads on if no one’s listening?

We must RISE up and STOP the “Fairness” doctrine from passage next year! We CANNOT let our 1st Amendment Rights be squandered! This is certainly NOT “fair!” It’s pretty much Communism. Yep. That’s right. Don’t be afraid to say it for what it is. FIGHT!





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