Pit Bull vs. Chihuahua

17 11 2008

Guess who’s not going to roll over and play dead to the Messiah and his administration?

Could it be John “my friends” McCain?


Could it be the Cuda?


That’s what I thought.




One response

17 11 2008

I can not stand John McCain any longer … I voted for Mitt Romney in the primaries and was only going to vote for him because I do not like Obama

I was not going to volunteer or donate money

That all changed when he selected Sarah Palin as his running mate … she was like a jumpstart to his “campaign”

I had known about Palin from my own research previously and hoped that she would enter national politics one day …

I hope that the next time McCain “reaches across the aisle” he just walks across and stays there!

Palin made this election close for McCain

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