Palin “Bloodbath” Continues

21 11 2008

Palin Turkey Pardon

Okay, so Sarah Palin yesterday, as politicians do, pardoned a lucky turkey just in time for Thanksgiving.  So what’s the controversy here, you say?

Well, the media is absolutely jumping on this non-story by saying “How DARE Sarah Palin stand there while innocent turkeys are being slaughtered!”  Oh my freaking goodness, people.  Get over yourselves.

This is why they are scared of her.  Palin 2012 and or 2016 🙂




One response

21 11 2008

Palin needs to seriously consider getting some new advisers … there is no way any competent adviser would allow this interview to take place with that as the backdrop

She did a great job in her post election interviews but now this is what will be in the in the minds of the drive by media viewers

She needs to realize that the media is out to destroy her … she needs to learn how to play the media and control her message

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