Moving back to the old page…

26 11 2008

We’re moving back to our old site under a new name starting tonight: Sarah’s Full-Court Press

Thanks for the memories!  See you on the other site.


One of those days…

19 11 2008

Okay, so this post isn’t political in nature whatsoever.  That’s ok though since this blog’s tagline is “Where politics and everyday life come together…”  I have a busy week. Many group projects, presentations, tests, and travelling for the holiday next week.  Today, I discovered, in addition to all of my issues personal and not, that my laptop power cord has a short in it.  So it has to be just right and adjusted so that it will power the laptop.  It’s ridiculous.  This in the same week my dvd-rom drive broke.  Piece of crap.

Okay.  Rant.  Over.

Elections: The Day After…

5 11 2008

Well, here we are.  Some may have called Barack Obama’s election inevitable.  After seeing the complete collapse of John McCain’s campaign (with him just not willing to FIGHT as he so put in his convention speech), I almost believe it was just meant to be as well.  Congrats to the winner, Mr. Obama.  You got a ton of people to vote for you, and your campaign was a great one.  You did outspend us 8-1, but hey, what can ya do?

We conservatives are now at a crossroads in America.  We can go to the right, staying true to our conservaive values which Ronald Reagan enstilled within us a generation ago.  Can we return to being that “shining city on a hill?” As Sarah Palin would say, “you betcha!”  We can go to the left, appeasing the liberals more than ever, pandering to their side to win more votes (it ain’t gonna happen).  Or, finally, we can go down the middle – the way we’ve been treading since 2006.  Trying to appeal to the moderates or to independents is exactly why John McCain lost this election.  It simply doesn’t work.

So, I say,  let’s go back to the right.  It’s where we came from.  It worked.  It can work again.  We need true conservative leadership where the ideals of smaller-government, lower taxes, freedom and prosperity for all in an exclusively free-market system, energy independence, and the sancity of human life and marriage must trump everything else. With various states last night voting to ban gay marriage, how can one argue that America is not a center-right country?  It’s not the conservatism that did in the McCain campaign – it’s the lack of it.

This is where Sen. McCain tried but failed during his Titanic of a campign season.  He didn’t stick to these ideals.  Instead, he used “senate speak” to try and appeal to voters.  Did anyone honestly know what “pork barrel spending” was until this election?  I didn’t.  Earmarks, anyone?  *crickets*  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  This is why John McCain lost.  His unwillingness to truly go on the attack to stand up for conservative ideals caused his ship to sink.  Who could have really expected him to use these ideals in the first place?  He’s always been more willing to work with liberal democrats than people in his own party.  This isn’t always a bad thing, but he simply lacks the killer instinct that was needed this time around.  He’s a decent man, but he’s a bit timid and stubborn in my book.

Please, spare me the “Well, if he hadn’t chosen Sarah Palin he would have won” speech.  It ain’t gonna fly.  Not here, not now, never.  Think about it.  If you or anyone you know voted for John McCain, were you really voting FOR John or against Obama?  Were you just voting for Sarah Palin?  Yeah. That’s what I thought.  The GOP got stuck with a moderate that no one in the conservative base cared about.  When McCain picked Palin, I couldn’t have been more enthusiastic about our chances and about voting for the first time in my life in a presidential race.  I voted for Sarah.  It’s true.  Without Sarah, imagine how many more millions of votes would have been lost even just by people “sitting this one out” because they weren’t fired up enough or cared enough to vote.  42 million people watched her convention speech for a reason; nearly 70 million watched her debate for a reason; her SNL appearance was the highest rated in 14 years for a reason – people are fascinsated by her.  People either love her or they hate her.  I love her, as do 56 million other Americans who voted for her last night.  Pretty good for a first-term governor from Alsaska, I’d say.  Imagine if the guy on the top of the ticket were someone more conservative… Hmm… Ah the possibilities.

I want to thank John McCain for introducing America to Sarah Palin.  She got me more fired up about an election than anything else, even sports.  That’s saying alot for good ol’ Sarah.  I hope and pray her future in politics doesn’t limit her to Alaska.  I’d love to see her permeate the national scene, while still remaining that outsider we all fell in love with.  RNC chair?  Maybe.  Cash-generating fundraiser Governor?  Likely.  The white Oprah?  I hope not.  Let’s not allow her have her own lame talk-show on Fox, ala Huckabee.  Spare me.  I bet she runs for re-election in AK in 2010, wins in a landslide fashion, and seriously considers throwing her hat into the presidential pool for 2012. By that time, NO ONE can question her experience.

Sarah might just be one of those fresh conservative leaders like Bobby Jindal or Eric Cantor that will lead this new and improved conservative movement for many years to come.  Only time and specualtion will tell…

A Little Something to Brighten Your Day!

20 10 2008

Funniest skit I’ve EVER seen on SNL in a long time. Not because it was so cleverly written, but it’s funny because it’s so GOOFY!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Welcome to the new and improved blog!

11 10 2008

So, upon further review, the ruling on the field has been overturned – WordPress is indeed better for blogging use.

That, in a nutshell, is why I’ve switched over!


P.S. Sarah and John are glad you came too.